Energy Use Policy

As Vişne Textile, being aware of our responsibility on Energy Management which is one of the most basic concepts of the Sustainable Development Policy, we guide our operations across all aspects of our business in order to continually improve our energy performance in all of our activities.

In this context, the studies being conducted are carried out in line with the following principles:

•In line with the principle of efficient energy and resource management, when supplying equipments and services, we prefer the ones with high energy efficiency and carry out the necessary works to improve the energy performance of the existing ones,

•By monitoring energy use for each situation and process; we develop projects that reduce energy use, improve efficiency by researching alternative fuel and raw material sources,

•We plan and implement all our processes with a principle of minimal waste production and promote waste recovery and recycling activities

•We conduct works for raising energy awareness throughout the organization for efficient use of energy in a sustainable manner,