Social Responsibility Policy

Our Social Responsibility policy is a clear commitment that our company will fulfil every kind of responsibility for a better world and future. 

Our basic principles that we consider as a basis in social responsibility practices are as follows:

We do not compromise compliance with local laws, regulations and requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety.  Ensuring our employees to work in a healthy and safe environment is our primary business goal.  

In all of our processes, environmental sensitivity is our priority criterion.  We implement the best environmental solutions beyond legal obligations, and in this context, we ensure that our own activities are environmentally friendly and that we are the pioneers of preferring environmentally friendly technologies within the industry.

Supporting education with the awareness of social responsibility is our priority.  We contribute to education by providing scholarships, particularly to the relatives of our colleagues and the surrounding of the geographical area where we operate.

In line with these principles, as Vişne Textile, we hereby undertake:

1. To provide the necessary equipments in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, and to comply with local laws, regulations and conditions related to Occupational Health and Safety,

2. Within the framework of the respect for the healthy development of children and the right to education, not to employ any employee who is under the age of 16, to act in compliance with the procedures and principles of employing young workers,

3. To be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in terms of working hours and overtime periods,

4. That no work can be contractually mandatory work and any work shall be voluntary,

5. To provide a non-discriminatory working environment; that there will be no discrimination on employment, access to education, promotion and compensation, no dismissal or pensioning off based on race, social class, religion, national origin, gender or political relations, 

6. To ensure that the working environment is peaceful and free from any verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion to ensure that the employees work happily,

7. To provide suitable working environment for employees with specific health conditions (pregnancy, breast-feeding women, etc.) and to take the necessary measures,

8. to ensure that our employees fully and correctly benefit from their personal rights, 

9. To organise internal or external trainings for our employees in order both to support their professional and personal developments and to ensure that they contribute and adapt to the Social Responsibility policies of Vişne Textile, 

10. To manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all kinds of activities with an awareness of responsibility, to prevent pollution and to increase the productivity by controlling the use of natural resources and to make continuous efforts to reduce the use of natural resources,

11. To review the social conditions of our suppliers and to support the necessary corrections so that they work in accordance with the Vişne Textile’s Social Responsibility Policy and to work only with companies that can provide or exceed the minimum requirements. 

All the principles contained in this Social Responsibility Undertaking of us are reflected to practice with the relevant regulations and level of application is checked by the concerned units. 

All of our departments are obliged to identify and implement every kind of improvement and development works to mitigate the environmental impacts of their activities, at a level appropriate for their field of activity.